Stem cells

Stem-cell research is en vogue — 25 years after scientists first isolated mouse embryonic stem cells, it is now possible to isolate and culture stem cells from embryos and adult tissues of many species, including humans. Despite the rapid progress in this field, several important questions in the areas of embryonic and adult stem-cell research still remain unanswered. What are the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie stem-cell renewal while conveying the potential to differentiate to different cell lineages? What combination of molecules confers differentiation to specific cell types? How can we isolate stem cells from different tissues? And how will knowledge of the mechanisms that underlie self-renewal and differentiation help us to develop patient-specific therapies?

In a Series of specially commissioned articles, Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology reports on the current hot and exciting topics in stem-cell research, discusses new technologies and resources to study stem cells and explores controversial issues, such as stem-cell ethics and funding.



October 2009 Vol 10 No 10

Systems biology of stem cell fate and cellular reprogramming

Ben D. MacArthur, Avi Ma'ayan & Ihor R. Lemischka

March 2009 Vol 10 No 3

Epidermal homeostasis: a balancing act of stem cells in the skin

Cédric Blanpain & Elaine Fuchs

February 2009 Vol 10 No 2

MicroRNAs: key regulators of stem cells

Vamsi K. Gangaraju & Haifan Lin



December 2008 Vol 9 No 12

The regulation of human embryo and stem-cell research in the United Kingdom

Robin Lovell-Badge

December 2008 Vol 9 No 12

Stem cells: US policies on human embryonic stem cells

Richard O. Hynes

September 2008 Vol 9 No 9

The promise of human induced pluripotent stem cells for research and therapy

Shin-ichi Nishikawa, Robert A. Goldstein & Concepcion R. Nierras

July 2008 Vol 9 No 7

Mediators of reprogramming: transcription factors and transitions through mitosis

Dieter Egli, Garrett Birkhoff & Kevin Eggan

January 2008 Vol 9 No 1

No place like home: anatomy and function of the stem cell niche

D. Leanne Jones & Amy J. Wagers

January 2008 Vol 9 No 1

Epidermal homeostasis: do committed progenitors work while stem cells sleep?

Philip Jones & Benjamin D. Simons



September 2007 Vol 8 No 9

How stem cells age and why this makes us grow old

Norman E. Sharpless & Ronald A. DePinho

June 2007 Vol 8 No 6

Embryonic stem-cell culture as a tool for developmental cell biology

Shin-Ichi Nishikawa, Lars Martin Jakt & Takumi Era

May 2007 Vol 8 No 5

Stem-cell niches: nursery rhymes across kingdoms

Ben Scheres